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2012 was a very busy year for me. I’d like to share two celebrations here with you that mark years of training, coaching, and joy for me. In October of 2012, I applied for and received the highest level of coaching certification tOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAhat I want—Professional Certified Coach—through the International Coach Federation (the global certifying body for coaches). Then, in December of that same year, I completed three years of study with the Center for Transformational Presence Leadership and Coaching, winding up with becoming a Certified Transformational Presence Coach. I love this coaching paradigm and find that it serves my clients beautifully: they get awesome results when we work with the potential-based approach, their energy, the partnership between their soul and their ego, and much, much more. Continue Reading

The Power of Showing Up

Have you ever stopped to consider that your actual physical presence may mean a great deal to another person?  It is very powerful when you “show up.”  The energy that you bring to any situation can enhance it (or not).  Of course, you want to bring positive energy.  Otherwise, why bother to show up at… Continue Reading

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