Whom I Serve

If you are a coach, consultant, professional in an area that ‘helps people, or a small business owner who is of “service” to her/his clients or customers, you are the folks I serve.

If you genuinely want help transforming the way you speak to yourself—self-talk—so that you can live a much happier, more fulfilled life, then I’m your coach.

If you want to experience much greater success in your chosen field, including growing a kind of confidence about what you have to offer those you serve, then I’m your consultant and coach.

If you have a vision for your life that you deeply want to manifest—yet you need help and support in bringing this to fruition—I would love to be your guide; I can help immensely.

If you are too hard on yourself and you’ve decided you’re not going to put up with that kind of suffering any longer—and you know you need someone to help you with this vital transformation—I’m the self-talk specialist to call:

Nicki @ 314.432.2549

If you love to help other people, yet resist doing so because you put yourself last too often when caring about others, you’ll be relieved to know that there is a way out of this dilemma.  Call me; I can teach you the way.

If you are looking for a mentor coach for your coaching certification, I’d be delighted to support and coach you through that journey.  My mentees have been deeply satisfied (and thrilled) with what we co-actively create together.

If you want to become an authentic, compelling speaker, please visit my other site: 

FIND YOUR VOICE:  Powerful Insights for Authentic, Compelling Speaking

You can also click the following link for my Home Study Course: 

FIND YOUR VOICE: An Introduction to Vocal Basics & The Voice of Your Soul

Call me to set up a complimentary 30-45 minute Discovery Session to explore your needs, wishes and desires.  We’ll also see if we’re a ‘good match’. 

 CALL ME, Nicki @ 314.432.2549

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