Deep Coaching

If you are a coach, consultant, or other professional who’s gotten stuck with a client or group—no matter how hard or long you’ve tried to get unstuck—“Deep Coaching” is for you.

If you’re a client, and you just can’t move on to the next level with your current coach—even though that coach, consultant, or other professional has brought her/his best gifts to the table to help you move ahead, “Deep Coaching” is for you.

What is Deep Coaching?

We look at where you are now, where you want to go, and follow a line of inquiry that uncovers the factors and self-talk that are keeping you deeply stuck and unmoving. We couple homework that cultivates you becoming more aware of yourself than you were, adding insight and knowledge as you come to understand both you and your ‘stuckness’ even more.

We discover what you truly want and need—deeply— and the influences you carry with you right now that have made it not possible for you to manifest them.

You’ll be invited/asked to read, write, create, sit in quiet, learn to hear yourself in new ways that heretofore weren’t possible.

If you’re open to it, you’ll be taught simple techniques as to how you can use your mind to positively influence your brain. You’ll be encouraged to use things like the “Loving Kindness Meditation” to quiet your mind, slow your breathing, and intentionally bring peace to yourself.

You’ll feel safe in an environment of tremendous support, care, and understanding as you venture into new territory. Since I, your coach, feel very comfortable in going deep—and have years and years of experience doing so with clients—you will (eventually?) not be afraid to reach into places inside you that can provide tremendous information and understanding.

Deep Coaching, unlike many therapies, stays focused on the present and the future. Present now are influences of old, and yet if we speak of them exerting power or influence over you in present time, you need not go back into the pain, fury, or agony of your past. In fact, as your coach, I will ask you to keep speaking in terms of your present and future. This will develop great self-compassion in you as well as shine bright beacons on potential pathways you’ll walk to manifest all that you seek in life.

You will find in me a dedicated coach who also brings a depth of knowledge and experience from serving as a psychotherapist many years of my life. Going deep is as natural to me as breathing.

My intense curiosity and interest in my clients—what you’re saying to yourself and making possible (or impossible) in your life, will support you in finding your voice, your self, and your expanded present and future.

Together, we can create the transformation you’ve sought and, perhaps, previously thought unattainable.

We will go deep. You’ll be glad we did.

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