About Nicki McClusky, BCC, PCC, CTPC, LCSW

Nicki specializes in working with individuals and groups that help other people — especially coaches, consultants,  professionals and small business owners. 

She works with you to transform your destructive self-talk and self-criticism that gets in the way of you building a healthy, vibrant life and business.  As you free yourself from the oppression of negative, derisive self-talk, you will finally be able to step into your “greatness,” living your full potential as you help others.

Nicki knows this terrain well having come from an environment that was highly judgmental and terribly critical.  She learned how to  transform her self-talk that was crippling into self-talk that is uplifting and nourishing—skills and mindsets she taught herself.  In doing so, she created and actively sustains living a life she loves, both personally and professionally. 

Nicki knows how painful it is to be too hard on one’s self and how it can totally interfere with a flourishing life in all of its dimensions. 

Being a Transformational Presence Coach, she knows how to work with your energy so that you, too, can develop fresh and powerful skills and mindsets, getting completely on your own side. Then you’ll be in a position to help others you are meant to serve from an energy and confidence that is so powerful that it feels transcendent.

Nicki has helped hundreds of others create the profound shifts they’ve wanted to make, serving as a life coach, consultant, voice coach and teacher to entrepreneurs, coaches, CEO’s, public speakers, students, politicians, and TV anchors, etc.

She is the author of 15 books, including You Have A Self, and (soon to be released), How to Stop Being Too Hard on Yourself: Change Your Self-Talk, Change Your Life.

Nick McClusky’s coaching programs leverage her two graduate degrees (M.A., Music [Voice] and M.A. in Counseling Psychology), her work as an ICF Professional Certified Coach (PCC), Board Certified Coach, a Certified Transformational Presence Coach, 35 years as a psychotherapist in private practice (LCSW and LPC), and her experience as a professional singer and photographer. 

Serving as President-Elect for the International Coach Federation’s St. Louis Chapter through 2015, Nicki served as Chapter President throughout 2016 and was asked by her Leadership Team to continue as President through 2017.  She loves to support other coaches to “live fully and coach greatly.” 

Let Nicki help you achieve a transformed joy-filled life, equipping you, once and for all, to serve from transformed energy based on uplifting self-talk.   

What Others Say

“Nicki is a fantastic coach. Her approach is intuitive, compassionate, incredibly supportive, yet also insightful, challenging where appropriate, and focused. She has the great ability to meet her client right where they are and take them far beyond what they might have imagined possible. I highly recommend Nicki as a Transformational Presence Coach.”

Alan Seale, Professional Certified Coach
Director of the Center for Transformational Presence Coaching


“I never expected that Nicki would not only help me change my approach to speaking, but change my life as well.  Nicki went above and beyond to help me gain all of the skills I needed to become a masterful speaker.  Her patience, kindness and clear expertise motivated me to work hard and ensured that I achieved all of my goals and more.  Now, new goals have been set regarding transforming my inner voices; we are making great change happen!  The skills I learned and am learning under Nicki’s guidance will last a lifetime, and I will always treasure my time working with this truly professional inner and outer voice coach.”

Zeshan Akhter, Environmental Executive

Edinburgh, Scotland  




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