The Power of Showing Up

Have you ever stopped to consider that your actual physical presence may mean a great deal to another person?  It is very powerful when you “show up.”  Showing UpThe energy that you bring to any situation can enhance it (or not).  Of course, you want to bring positive energy.  Otherwise, why bother to show up at all.  Knowing that we’re here on earth to make someone else’s life better (as well as our own) is a powerful reason to show up in places and with people that will appreciate you doing so.

Two weeks ago, I had a powerful virus that attacked my bod.  I even lost my voice, which is atypical for me.  My husband needed to go to his 50th high school reunion out of town, and so I was on my own.  Usually, I love being on my own.  However, after two weeks of coughing and not sleeping well, I found my spirits drooping a bit. 

Two someones showed up.  My son came over to deliver squash and chicken soup (I LOVE soup), and apples that had been hand picked by his family in a nearby orchard.  My 5 yr. old grandson proudly held out a bag of apples that he’d helped pick, smiling broadly and cheerily.  It was wonderful to see their faces, receive their loving energy and their nutritous gifts.  I was careful to stay far away so as to not share germs, and yet our heart energies certainly touched one another.  Two people I love dearly showed up.   It was wonderful, and I appreciated them driving across town at rush hour to deliver their goodies.

I will likely always remember this kindness.  That’s what happens when we show up from love in other people’s lives…it becomes memorable. 

Never doubt the power of your presence.  Count on blessing someone you care about when you show up in their lives.  Count on the fact that you matter—whether it be through a visit, going to the polls on voting day, helping to volunteer, or stepping forward to try something new at work.  The list of where you might want to show up is huge.

You matter; others matter.   What you care about matters.  It is a very powerful thing to decide to show up in life and express who you are.  It is especially powerful when you show up and make someone else’s life happier or better.  Be sure and acknowledge yourself for doing so.

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