Mentor Coaching

If you are looking for a mentor coach as you consider applying for your ICF ACC or PCC credential, or if you are renewing the ICF credential you’ve already earned, you are in the right place.

When you come into mentor coaching with me, you are welcome to bring whatever will help you step into your full potential as an ICF certified ACC or PCC coach. You, of course, will set the agenda. Here are a few of the things my mentees have requested: 

Clients usually come to therapy because of their own pain or someone else’s pain; they don’t know how to stop hurting or how to grow something else.

1. Focusing on client sessions; creating excellence for client and coach
2. Role playing; you as coach, or you as your client
3. Exploring ‘stuck’ places with clients and finding opportunities for growth or potential results within them
4. Learning to listen even more deeply than you do
5. Discussing anything you wish about you as a coach
6. Recognizing strengths while growing in other areas, particularly with regard to skill building and self confidence
7. Helping navigate the ICF credentialing requirements/process
8. Learning new coaching skills/tools from a veteran coach of 18 years
9. Benefitting from coach modeling in our relationship
10. Benefitting from my perspective as a coach leader in our profession as we help you form your own unique path.

My most recent mentor coaching client said she was looking for a mentor coach (at a coaching café experience), and several people said, “Nicki is the best.” We are now working together!

Having served as an ICF coach leader for 7 years, including as President of the Midwest Coaches Development Council (which supports 13 coaching chapters throughout the Midwest), I have informally ‘mentored’ many coach leaders when requested to do so.

I’d be delighted and honored to serve as your mentor coach as you complete the requirement of 10 hrs. of mentor coaching for your coaching certification.


Nicki McClusky was my mentor coach for my ACC and again a few years later to renew my credential. I can’t imagine a better mentor coach. Nicki elevated my ability to coach and gave me new perspectives and concrete skills that I could immediately apply as a coach.
Marci Mayer Eisen, MSW, ACC
Former ICF St. Louis Board Member

Before working with Nicki McClusky, I struggled with a few coaching challenges. As my mentor coach, Nicki helped me discover ways that I could overcome the coaching challenges I’d encountered. She also helped me to clarify my purpose, my coaching niche as well as explore ways to shape my business. After working with her, I became a stronger coach better able to handle some client challenges and I was clearer on the direction to take my coaching business.”
Nadine L. Kouba, Ph.D., ACC
President, ICF St. Louis

I am happy to write in support of Nicki McClusky. Nicki is a fantastic coach. Her approach is intuitive, compassionate, incredibly supportive, yet also insightful, challenging where appropriate, and focused. She has the great ability to meet her client right where they are and take them far beyond what they might have imagined possible. I highly recommend Nicki as a Transformational Presence Coach.
Alan Seale, Professional Certified Coach and Director of the Center for Transformational Presence

Coaching with Nicki is like taking the express train to sunny and beautiful Connection-ville. While I cherish my own ability to connect with my inner-self, Nicki is masterful at creating an environment where the connection takes on pristine clarity, genuine authenticity, absolute inspiration, and one where my inner voice volume is turned up loud and clear. For me, the result was, and continues to be, forward movement in an inspired direction of my choosing with absolute knowing that my step is placed right where I need it and want it to be at this time, one inspiring lightbulb moment after another, increased and strengthened love for, respect for, and trust in self, revelations of answers to questions I had been spinning my wheels trying to answer on my own, as well as permission to be radiant and own my power in this great life. I am forever grateful (and still trying to wrap my mind around how she does it!).”
Coach Emily Horak, Des Moines, Iowa

2012 was an incredible year of learning, experiencing, spiritual deepening and growing for me. It was filled with diverse yet what turned out to be similar programs. I learned during the year that we are guided by our divine in all of our decisions and actions. Hiring Nicki McClusky was truly an example of my divine intervening for me. I knew I needed an experienced coach to sort out all that was happening for me. Nicki not only helped me sort, she provided brilliant coaching totally in line with what I needed during each session. Regardless of what shape I was in when I arrived for our session, I always left with clarity, centeredness and peace of mind that I was on the right path and well prepared for all that was to happen during this remarkable year. I would whole-heartedly recommend Nicki as a professional coach who will undoubtedly surpass your expectations.
Jim Parker Master Certified Coach The Mentor Connection, Inc.

Nicki McClusky has been the leader of the St. Louis ICF Chapter for the past 2 years. She is a terrific leader and a terrific ambassador for the emerging world of coaching. Although she is a highly skilled coach in her own right, she has the spirit and philosophy of coaching “in her bones”. It is so natural for her and this in combination with her natural leadership ability make her a magnet for established coaches to learn from and for new and aspiring coaches to emulate. She sets a great example for coaching and for leadership.
Beverly Berner, Coach and Mid-Life Stategist

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