Change Your Voices from the Inside Out

As you well know, you talk with or speak to yourself all of the time.  You know—that voice in your head that you listen to, converse with, argue with or agree with throughout the hours of your day. 

Have you noticed what the main tone is of your most dominant voice—the majority stockholder of your psyche and personality?  Is s/he kind, loving, demanding, cruel, encouraging, engaging, supportive?  Or can you barely stand all that chatter in your head?OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  Is your Judge always condemming you, sentencing you to a life of misery, over-eating, and depression?  Or have you worked hard to change all that?


“Imagine what these people are saying to themselves. Might they be saying uplifting or downputting things as they make their choices at the Louvre in Paris, France?”

If you are not habitually happy, then it is, indeed, time for a big change.  And that change involves granting  new power (and practice) to a new, marvelous voice inside you—what I call a Nurturing Wise Big Self.  S/he is the exact opposite of your Judge.  S/he is based in love and kindness rather than hate and criticalness.   If you like this idea—the idea of speaking to yourself out of love and care rather than hate and cruelty—then read on!

A New Book

I have been writing a new book, entitled, Change Your Voices from the Inside Out.  I think it will be very helpful to many of you; at least, that is my hope.  When I began it, I had a general idea of what needs/wants to be said, and yet now that I’ve been with myself in the woods, new chapters have emerged.  The important thing I want to share with you at this point is simply this:  you have the power to change how you speak to both yourself within your inner world, and others out in the external world.  Even though the way you engage yourself and others is very familiar (familial), you can step into a new power and make a very positive change.  Learning how to go about that is what the book  addresses. 

For now, simply start to notice how you speak to yourself.  Do you nurture and positively guide yourself, or do you scare yourself or deman yourself?  Take note.  How does it feel?  Your thoughts about you and the world will completely dictate how you wind up feeling; so if you don’t feel good about you, it’s time for a thought change and voice change. 

Start to consciously nurture yourself.  Get on your own side.  That’s a great place to begin.

More later.  I’ll let you know when the book is finished, also.



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