I started working with Nicki McClusky because I wanted a voice coach to help me improve my public speaking. I never expected that Nicki would not only help me change my approach to speaking, but change my life as well. Nicki went above and beyond to help me gain all of the skills I needed to become a masterful speaker. Her patience, kindness and clear expertise motivated me to work hard and ensured that I achieved all of my goals and more. Now, new goals have been set regarding transforming my inner voices; we are making great change happen! The skills I learned and am learning under Nicki’s guidance will last a lifetime, and I will always treasure my time working with this truly professional inner and outer voice coach.

Zeshan Akhter, Environmental Executive, Edinburgh, Scotland   

I am happy to write in support of Nicki McClusky. Nicki is a fantastic coach. Her approach is intuitive, compassionate, incredibly supportive, yet also insightful, challenging where appropriate, and focused. She has the great ability to meet her client right where they are and take them far beyond what they might have imagined possible. I highly recommend Nicki as a Transformational Presence Coach.

Alan Seale, Professional Certified Coach and Director of the Center for Transformational Presence   

One word... Vibrant! Nicki McClusky is a beam of pure love with an honesty that supports her clients to dig deep and move at warp speed to greater self awareness. First as a client of Nicki's and now as a coach educator, I recognize Nicki as a leader in the field. Nicki supported me through a major change of career & wellness by helping me to hold a stronger vision of myself.

Nicki was able to channel my energy and pinpoint my self-imposed road blocks.

In our very first session, Nicki and I connected a deep level through a conversation about my self care and downtime. With a simple metaphor of the flowers growing in my back yard, I continue to this day to take time during the "morning glory" and at " four O'Clock" to relax and gain perspective.

Nicki has enriched me to create the life I live today!

Nick Bosk, CPC, Stress Management Coach   

I am delighted to endorse Nicki McClusky and her skills as a transformation self-talk coach. Nicki provided our group with a very positive Webinar targeting Keys to Self-talk for Success. During her upbeat one-hour presentation, Nicki explored the POWER of the words we speak to ourselves, highlighting how to capture that POWER to move us beyond any (unwittingly imposed) self-limitations. Those looking to engage in improving themselves and creating more success will find a refreshingly down-to-earth approach. I highly recommend Nicki as a business and personal transformation coach.

Tricia Hollingsworth, ICF Houston Program Director    Website   

2012 was an incredible year of learning, experiencing, spiritual deepening and growing for me. It was filled with diverse yet what turned out to be similar programs. I learned during the year that we are guided by our divine in all of our decisions and actions. Hiring Nicki McClusky was truly an example of my divine intervening for me. I knew I needed an experienced coach to sort out all that was happening for me. Nicki not only helped me sort, she provided brilliant coaching totally in line with what I needed during each session. Regardless of what shape I was in when I arrived for our session, I always left with clarity, centeredness and peace of mind that I was on the right path and well prepared for all that was to happen during this remarkable year. I would whole-heartedly recommend Nicki as a professional coach who will undoubtedly surpass your expectations.

Jim Parker Master Certified Coach The Mentor Connection, Inc.   

"I came to Nicki with a determination to figure out how I could be fulfilled and to find whatever I was missing to be motivated and accomplished in my profession and my personal goals. Why was I holding myself back; chained to not only my fears but fears that were given to me by my parents? I understood that these fears or stressors where present but did not know what to do with them nor how to stop them from controlling my life. Most frustrating part was I was too afraid to trust in myself.
I had big dreams but little confidence.
The process has been a fascinating journey and if it wasn’t for Nicki I would have not recognized nor acknowledged the steps I took to figure it all out. It took time but each step lead to solid, organic growth both personally and professionally. I could not have done this alone and am so blessed that Nicki is my life coach.
I now have many bigger dreams and am living them."

Laura Dickinson   

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