End of 2010 Wrap-Up — Looking Forward in 2011

Dear Readers,

As 2010 ended, I wanted to connect with you, tell you a bit about where I’ve been and what I’ve been doing, ask you a few questions, and give you some food for thought as we move along into 2011.  Alongside serving my coaching clients (and therapy clients), I’ve been hibernating and percolating; a change is in the wind…

Asking myself how I can best serve you and fulfill my soul’s mission—“I awaken and empower”—I found that in my hibernation “den” came the answer:  “Use your X-Ray ears to help people change their voices.”  Voices, plural?  You bet ‘cha!  Change your voices!  The outside one we all hear and the inside ones you hear chattering away. 

As you may realize, the voices inside you—more than any other person’s influence— determine your level of happiness, joy and success in life.  What you and I say to ourselves all day long has enormous power.  And here’s the kicker:  are we for ourselves or against ourselves?  Is our self-talk encouraging or discouraging?  Is it self-uplifting and encouraging, or demeaning and discouraging?  Do we subtly pull the rug out from under ourselves, or do we fortify ourselves with resolve and confidence?  In short, are we on our own side or in opposition to ourselves?  It’s probably the most important question we need to address, once and for all, in this lifetime.  (Are you aware that your answer will also be evident in your outside voice that we hear?)

 Already in my work with clients, we’re focusing on how important one’s self talk is, how it can be different, and what needs to be in place so that a permanent, lasting change can take place.  Then we hear the outside speaking voice shift:  we hear more confidence, a natural, beautiful tone emerging, the exact, right pace or rhythm in speaking, etc.  The energy of the throat opens and allows all that was waiting to be expressed to emerge.  We find we don’t have to work so hard at skill development; we change the voices inside of us first, and then all manner of self-development occurs—including authentic, compelling speaking.

 Have any of you been hibernating?  Have you dug deeper, by chance, into your soul’s mission here on earth?  And have you been having any fun?  I sure hope so!

I have!  Between seeing friends, playing with grandkids, and taking some neat trips, life has felt very good.

My travels with hubby in tow (or the other way around) have included seeing beautiful/majestic wildlife in Fjords National Park in Seward, Alaska, and moose, caribou and wolves in Denali National Park.  It is so incredibly beautiful there…and wild!  We also made our annual trek to Door County, Wisconsin—the village of Fish Creek—for hiking, spiritual retreating, writing, and playing.  It was a magnificent 2 ½ weeks!  Coming home was tough this time, as my soul loved all that “meandering” time.

Being with Alan Seale, David Robinson and a host of beautiful coaches, and studying Transformational Presence Coaching (by Alan Seale) made the return to St. Louis a good one. 

 So, what kind of a year was it  for you?  What has meant the most to you?  Are you using your voices out in the world in a way that brings you and others fulfillment?  And would you want to change anything about the way you speak to yourself…you know…the constant, inner voices that make life a wonderful joy or a dismal grind? 

 If you were to speak with someone like me who has X-ray ears and can hear what your soul and your spirit long for, what blocks you from living your fullest, happiest life, or how you’d give anything to speak differently to yourself, what would you bring to the conversation?  What matters the most to you, and what do you want?  Give this some thought.  Do some journaling, and ponder this very important question:  “how do I speak to myself day in and day out?”  “How does my self talk make me feel?”  “And, how might all this show up in my outer voice—the one I extend to the world?”  “Is there an inner voice I need to transform with grace, kindness and love in order to live a happier, more fulfilling life?”

Perhaps I’ll create something in the New Year so we can come together, voice to voice, and make change actively and deeply possible.   In the meantime, visit my PRODUCTS page on my websites  for some inspiring, positively-focused mind-food; my ebooks are for sale there and are really helpful and illuminating (says the feedback from those who purchase them).  https://nickimcclusky.com  http://findyourvoicecoach.com http://selfmasterycoachforcoaches.com 

I just went upstairs to find a dangerously melting teapot on the stove; I got so carried away writing you that I forgot I was making tea.  Thank goodness it was only the teapot!  (When my soul gets writing, I need to keep at least one foot on the ground.  )

Here’s my wish for you for right now and in the year to come:  that you honor your truest self in whatever way you can; that you begin to listen to how you are speaking to yourself, growing a fuller awareness day by day; that you create joy, meaning and fun in your lives; and, that you be a blessing to all you meet—including your inner, precious self. 

Wishing you blessings right now and throughout 2011,


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